Murren Goldman

Murren Goldman


Back squat 235#. Clean 195#. 20 unbroken bar muscle ups. Squat snatch 150#. Murph time 43:50


CrossFit Level 1 certification

About Coach

I never had the opportunity to do sports growing up, but I always loved being active and healthy. I fell in love with working out and fitness in general. I joined the Den with the intention of staying for 1 month, no more. But once I had met the amazing members and coaches I was hooked. The encouragement and community is fantastic! I was blessed to be able to join the staff and I want to help others reach their goals just as so many people have helped me reach mine!

Turning Point

For awhile when I worked out it would feel like a chore and something I had to make myself do. I would always focus on how far I had to go and how little headway I was making. Most of the time I went to the gym was a battle and afterwards I felt defeated. But after one particularly hard workout I remember praying and realizing that this was not what fitness was about! I had been thinking about it all wrong. I’m so blessed to be able to do what I do. Every day that I’m able to show up is a chance to have fun and push myself. Not out of a sense of punishment but out of joy! It’s challenging but in the best way possible. Now instead of making myself go, I have to force myself to leave. Fitness is a huge joy and I love every second of it!

Motivation & Passion

My coaches helped make me who I am today and I want to pass on everything they’ve taught me. Whether you’ve been doing CrossFit for years or it’s your very first class, I would love to help you reach whatever your goals may be! Fitness is much more than just staying physically healthy, it also transfers into every part of your life. It makes life that much better.

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