Max Voelkel

Max Voelkel


My favorite moment in my CrossFit journey was making it to quarterfinals for the first time. I set a goal the year prior to make it and worked really hard to get there then the hard work payed off and I made it! Really goes to show that when you set goals and never give up, anything is possible.


CrossFit Level 1

Firefighter/EMT for Cal Fire

Competed in Wrestling at the Fargo national qualifier in High School and

CCCAA state qualifier in College.

About Coach

I have always had a passion for helping others in anyway possible. Back at home, having grown up with a mom who has M.S. in a power wheelchair has made me compassionate, helpful, it has given me the strength and fortitude to get things done. My CrossFit journey started when I was a Freshman in college in 2022. I am so thankful I found it because while others were out partying, I was always in the CrossFit gym trying to get better. There are a lot of doubters and that pushed me hard to get to that next level as a CrossFit athlete. When something begins to suck, that is where I thrive I take the wrestlers mindset into any workout I do. When I started, I was terrible at moving anything overhead but anything you set your mind to can be achieved and now I love doing things overhead! My goal is to continue competing and staying healthy and to see where that takes me in the sport!

Turning Point

I always knew I wanted to become a coach from the first day I walked in the gym and was greeted by the CrossFit community. I have met some lifelong friends. It absolutely means the world to me helping others reach their goals whatever it might be.

Motivation & Passion

My favorite thing about being a coach is encouraging others to invest in their health and embrace the suck that in turn makes you better. There is nothing more rewarding than witnessing a member set a personal best or overcome an obstacle they didn't think possible. I love that CrossFit is infinitely scalable to make fitness possible for anyone willing to put in the hard work.

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