Heather Welch

Heather Welch

Coach, Personal Trainer

I'm most proud of learning to climb ropes, kick up into handstands, and string together toes-to-bar.  I learned all of these skills after the age of 40!


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Certified in CrossFit Courses:
Lesson Planning
Spot the Flaw
Teaching Movement
Judges Course

Certified Primal Health Coach

About Coach

I have always been active. In elementary school, I could be found playing soccer, kickball, handball, and tetherball all recess long. In middle school, I ran track. In high school, I became a moody thespian while "secretly" going on runs after rehearsals. In college, I discovered mountain biking and never looked back. I began racing for fun, and within my first five seasons, won three series championships. I continue to bike and run to this day, and love to join endurance race teams for almost any sport. Nothing makes faster friends than spending 30+ hours of running, cheering, and driving together! In my late 30's I tried a CrossFit class. It was love at first WOD! That was about seven years ago. Even though every workout still makes me a little nervous, the post-workout camaraderie with gym friends and the continued progress keeps me coming back!

Turning Point

Although I'm athletic, I'm not a natural athlete. I've been clumsy my entire life. I'm afraid of heights. I don't like to be upside down. All of these reasons are why I am so proud of the gymnastics skills I have learned from CrossFit. I spent many years logging more training hours than my fellow bike racers just to match their skill levels. Those long hours, combined with starting a family young and helping to run a business, took a toll on my health. I didn't realize at the time that a non-stop-go-go-go lifestyle could manifest symptoms like weight gain, hair loss, constant fatigue, memory loss, body aches, and migraines to name a few. I kept thinking if I downed one more cup of sugar-filled coffee and went on a 12-mile trail run, I would shake off the symptoms. This strategy did not work long-term. <br /> <br /> Around the time I discovered CrossFit, I also came across the primal/paleo approach to living life. Even a few tweaks to my lifestyle, which included dietary changes, thoughtfully planned workout patterns, and improved sleep habits made such a huge difference to my health and physique that I can't imagine going back to my old life and training habits!

Motivation & Passion

I began coaching CrossFit because I really wanted everyone who stepped into the gym for the first time to have the same great experience I did! I love showing the many creative ways to modify a workout for every ability level. I love seeing the fear transform into pride as new athletes realize they CAN keep up in the classes. Most of all, I love celebrating the milestone moments with the athletes who continue to show up, leave their sweat on the floor, and push themselves to try new and scary things. These moments make my day!

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