Jamie Wilson

Jamie Wilson

Coach, Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer

DT is my top favorite Grace 2:16

Deadlift: 355lbs

Trail Ultramarathons: five 50ks

two 24 hour runs and one 50 miler


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

CrossFit Kids Certificate

Burgener Strength Weightlifting Level 1 Certificate

About Coach

I’ve tried to be active as much as possible as a kid but didn’t play sports in high school. I spent a good amount of time doing the globo gym thing until I discovered CrossFit in 2016 and never looked back. I even kept up with CrossFit until the day my daughter was born in 2017. I created an all-women's trail running group over 5 years ago to encourage women of all paces to get outside and meet like-minded individuals. I surround myself with a community of people (Crossfit & Running) because nothing brings me more joy than seeing others accomplish challenging things. I've learned that everyone has a story to tell and though I may not understand where they come from, they still show up for themselves in their own way and that is beautiful. My daughter is the reason for how I approach life by remaining curious, passionate, and loving just as she does. I make sure that the choices I make today will only benefit her. We set the standard and kids are great imitators, so we must give them something great to imitate.

Turning Point

Pushing almost 240lbs at one point in my life, I knew I needed to shift things. By refusing to be another statistic, I flipped the script by first learning how to dial in my nutrition which led me to discover more about health and wellness. My goal is to help others discover the same for themselves.

Motivation & Passion

I always say that if it ever became more about the workouts and less about the people, then I’ve missed the point. It is truly an honor to witness those who continue to show up for themselves in different ways. No matter what someone is going through, they are here and they matter. There is a sense of belonging and a special bond that happens when you sweat together and leave it all out on the floor. We face our battles head on and in this community, it means you don’t have to fight them alone. I will always hope for more than just another rep for others. When trying to make it the best hour of their day, they end up making it the best hour of mine.

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