Otis Garcia St.Sauver

Otis Garcia St.Sauver


Deadlift: 500| Murph: 38:28 25# vest| Front Squat: 365| Power Clean: 285| 5k Row: 18:38| Unbroken Ring Muscle Ups: 20


CrossFit Level-1, Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification(PPSC), ISSA

About Coach

I was born in Ashland, Oregon. I was not born into a wealthy or privileged family, but I was able to play sports through sponsorships - soccer, boxing and wrestling in high school. Jiu-jitsu became a part of my life and eventually went semi-pro as a mixed-martial arts (MMA) fighter. Although I no longer fight competitively, I still practice Jiu-jitsu to this day. Eventually, I joined the Marines and served my country honorably. I served multiple tours overseas and reenlisted until it was no longer an option. During my time in the Marines, I was a competitive Body Builder and participated in many competitions. Eventually, I was introduced to CrossFit and have enjoyed competing in events ever since. Making it to Regionals in Del Mar, California is one of the highlights of my life. I am still looking to punch my ticket to the Games one of these days!

Turning Point

I've had a few "turning points" in my life that I refer to as Trials. In those trials, I've had to stay the course, put my head down, eyes forward and grind it out fighting tooth and nail. For instance, at a wrestling meet with the State competition on the line, I was so exhausted. If I didn't pin my opponent, I could kiss state goodbye! At the time, I had teachers working against me to graduate, people telling me I'd never become a United States Marine. All the things I wanted, I had to fight for! Through hard work and dedication, I made it to State a few times, I graduated, I served as a United States Marine, and have won multiple competitions in sports that I truly enjoy!

Motivation & Passion

My passion and purpose for coaching took a while to realize, but when I did, I poured a never-ending supply of gas on the fire for what I believe is my Purpose in Life. It is to find the underdogs; to find those with self-doubt and hanging back in the shadows, to show them what they do not see in themselves and help them discover their truest potential. I want to encourage them to not give up; to put their head down with their eyes forward and grind. I will show them how to fight tooth and nail for what they want and to stay the course until they achieve their dreams. It is very rewarding to watch someone grow and realize they have the capability to do things they did not think were possible. My purpose, passion, and motivation that God has gifted me with is to help forge those into who they are truly meant to be.

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