Mailee Goldman

Mailee Goldman


Snatch: 145lbs, Clean and Jerk: 175lbs, Overhead Squat: 165lbs, Cindy: 27+13, Murph 42:48


CrossFit Level One Certification

About Coach

Never did any sports growing up but always loved staying active. My sisters and I started doing at home HIIT and Pilates workouts. After years of working at at home and being isolated we craved being around people that could push us and help us reach our potential fitness goals. Stepping into a Saturday morning workout at CrossFit the Den changed everything for the better. Having coaches come alongside helping to motivate and correct inspired me to try and come alongside others and pay forward what others have done for me.

Turning Point

My turning point in my life happened a few years ago. I realized that I was trying so hard to be the best in the gym and destroying myself to achieve…something. A coach pulled me aside and said, “Fitness is supposed to better your life so that you can serve others well. If you are not enjoying the process maybe we need to change the approach.” I loved that perspective. Enjoying fitness, using it to better the lives of other people not just yourself. Since that time I’ve tried to change my perspective and view fitness from the lens of movement being a blessing as it gives us the ability to serve others and live life to its fullest!

Motivation & Passion

CrossFit can be intimidating, difficult, and scary, but it is for everyone. Whether you are 6 years old and learning how to keep pushing even when you are sweaty and tired. If you are wanting to work on Olympic lifts and throw 200lbs over your head. Or if you would like to be able a grandchild and hold them in a hug.

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