Holly Brown

Holly Brown




About Coach

I first walked into a CrossFit gym in 2017 and immediately fell in love with the sport and the community. Before that, I was a fairweather gym-goer who was otherwise pretty sedentary. CrossFit has changed my life in so many ways!

Turning Point

When it came to sports and fitness, I never stayed consistent. I tried getting into running, Zumba, and lifting free weights alone, but nothing really clicked for me and compelled me to continue. CrossFit has been and continues to be the only fitness endeavor I actually look forward to doing.

Motivation & Passion

The coaches I have had during my time with CrossFit have been incredibly motivating and their knowledge and expertise have always blown me away. I wanted to learn more and get certified as a CrossFit L1 instructor because I wanted to be an inspiration to others and pass along the training and knowledge that was given to me. I truly believe that CrossFit is for everyone, and my job as a coach is to make everyone feel as welcome as possible when they walk through the door.

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